The secret of a good musician: a fail-safe memory

The most important characteristic of a good musician is an excellent memory. A stunning example of a perfect memory was given by Maria Joćo Pires in the 1990s. She and the conductor had prepared to play a different concerto, so she was forced to reach way back into the recesses of her mind. With her famous performance she showed to be in almost the same league as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This composer never began to write music until he had arranged the whole design in his mind, it then stood without change. His piano concerto in d minor was played by Pires in Amsterdam, which is perhaps the most beautyful of these concertos. You can judge for yourself and compare all 27 concertos here. The video from the incident is below.
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User comment by "il Cattivo"

You know, actor Anthony Hopkins, the virtuoso, long ago wanted to be a concert pianist. His memory is so impressing, that Steven Spielberg insisted on calling him "Sir Anthony".

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