FRANZ LISZT (1811-1886) Reminiscences de Don Juan Download score Tutorial by Ferruccio Busoni

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Liszt Reminiscences de Don Juan bar 664

  1. It is here, as if Don Giovanni thinks about the terrible threat of the Commendatore;�However, he has eventually the numbing pleasure in finding his imperturbability.�Compare the notes at bars 1 and 379.

    Liszt Reminiscences de Don Juan bar 379

  1. The wrongly as "Champagne aria" designated Aria ( Liszt let it form the affirmative end of this for the piano modified Drama) has actualy nothing "Bacchanal". Cosmopolitan mobility, carelessness and bubbling life like sound of the bouncing rhythm, bright tone. A significant un-sensuality stands out. This can be understood by the original text, in which Don Giovanni, in high spirits, makes his arrangements for the coming festival as a host. He turns this to his servant Leporello, from which he-in a preceding recitative � got a message, and concludes with these words of Don Giovanni: "Bravo, bravo, arcibravo!�l'affar non pu� andar meglio;�incominciasti, io sapro terminar.� Troppo mi Premo�o queste contadinotte; le voglio divertir finche vien notte" (Good, good, excellent! It could not be better, you have begun, I care for the conclusion. This pretty neat girl is very close to my heart, so I want to party until the night.)

Immediately follows the aria, that in character should be
performed quite "a fior di labbro" (on the threshold of the lips).
Finch' han dal vino Eh' sie vom Weine
Calda la testa erst sich erholen,
Una gran festa ein großes Fest steh'
fà preparar. für sie bestellt.
Se trovi in piazza Triffst auf dem Markte
qualche ragazza ein hübsches Kind du,
teco anche quella nimm es mit dir,
cerca a menar. so es dir gefallt.
Senz' alcun ordine Bunt durcheinander sei
la danza sia; die Reih' der Tänze,
chi '1 menuetto, hier Sarabanden,
chi la follia, hier die Couranten,
chi l'alemanna hier Menuette
farai ballar. tönen ans Ohr.
Ed io frattanto Und unterdessen
dall' altro canto für eigne Rechnung
con questa e quella bald die, bald jene
vò amoreggiar. nehm ich mir vor.
Ah, la mia lista Ja, mein Register
doman mattina soll sich erneu'n,
d'una decina ein Dutzend Namen
devi aumentar! tragst du noch ein!

A big party stand ' ordered for you. hit in the market a pretty child you, take it with you, as it pleases you. Exuberant dances, here Sarabandes here the courantes, here minuets sound to your ear. And meanwhile soon those on their own account, I'll intent. Yes, my register should expand, with a dozen names!

The "Tempo" should follow the performance of a virtuosic and tasteful singer. The editor recommends the maximum speed only for the last occurrence of the main theme.

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